New Camera

Several weeks ago I decided I needed (wanted) a new camera. The old one still works just fine. The pictures are clear (as long as the photographer doesn’t move). But it has a pathetic zoom feature. So, I want a small camera with a lot of zoom power. I casually mention this to my husband, as I am scanning the Sunday paper ads for cameras.

Before you can blink, my husband is handing me a Consumer Reports magazine with small cameras reviewed. Nothing, and I mean nothing is bought without checking CR (or should I say nothing should be bought, husband’s philosophy). It is not my first instinct to whip out the CR, but I dutifully studied the report. Usually I can’t find the model that is a best buy or one CR recommends. I always wonder where does CR buy their stuff, because it is not on the shelves in our stores.

This Sunday was different! Best Buy actually had one of the recommended models and it was on sale! I hopped into the car and made my way to the camera department of Best Buy (with my CR in hand, of course). Fates were smiling down on me, I actually got a salesperson to talk to me about cameras. John patiently explained  the features of this camera (although I didn’t quite understand everything). Bottom line was: this was the camera he would recommend based on my criteria. Besides, it’s just a great little camera.

Now, I have this camera. I read the manual. Can’t say I understood  it. However, I must learn to operate this like a pro within the next 30 days (great trip coming up . . . stay tuned to Slice of Life in March) . I downloaded several pages to help me learn which button does what. If that doesn’t work, I will be paying John a visit for a tutorial entitled “You recommended it, so how do I make this work?”

As you can clearly see, there are no photos attached to this slice (infer what you will). Maybe next week.


5 thoughts on “New Camera

  1. Great slice. I loved the part about CR. My husband is the same way. When he hands me the CR and I don’t read it right away he acts as if I have insulted his intelligence. Good luck with your camera.

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