The Day Ahead

What will the day bring? We have freezing rain, sleet, blizzard warning, 50 mph winds all occurring today. Will there still be power by the end of it all? The day stretches long before me. I have lots of “office” work I can do, but I am drawn to the windows. Watching the weather, watching the birds, wondering what will happen. Weather reporters are saying this is the biggest storm in 99 years. I can’t say I wanted to be a part of history in this way.

Life will be good as long as we have power. So I predict there will be fresh cookies in the future on this wintery day. Stay warm and stay safe.


6 thoughts on “The Day Ahead

  1. My teenage son clomped down the stairs early this morning complaining about having to go back to school today. I told him, “That is what you get for not putting a spoon under your pillow and wearing your underwear inside out and backwards before you went to bed. The kids at school swear it works every time.” This was followed by a scowl and the sound of crickets.

    Thirteen-year-old boys have no sense of humor.

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