Sunday’s Waiting Game

Sundays are a day full of anticipation and possible disappointment . When will he call, will he call today?  For the last eight years, I am waiting . . .  waiting . . . waiting  for the phone to ring.

Eight years ago my only child, moved from the midwest to California. That is 1200 miles away from “home”. My heart ached as I watched his car drive away. The only stipulation on this move was, “You have to call me every week.” If I hear his voice I will know (or pretend) that all is well. 

In the beginning, I got the call early Sunday morning.  After completing the opening work at  Subway, he would have a few minutes to call for our weekly chat. Then I was able to move on with the rest of my day. Eventually he left Subway, that was the beginning of my Sunday waiting game. His life became more complicated and there was less time in his schedule to call mom. Thankfully, the calls continued through the college years and even after he married.

Nowadays the call usually comes in late afternoon. Sometimes it’s a text. The mode of communication may have changed, but one thing will never change. This mom still needs to hear from her son. Whenever that happens, all is right in my world.

Where Did It Go?

Dinner is over and I am rinsing the dishes but something does not feel right. Slowly, with dread and hesitation, I  slide my tongue around and over my teeth and discover something is missing! I have a hole . . .  a gap . . .  a space . . .  a temporary crown is supposed to be there. What happened? How did this happen? How could it have fallen off and gone unnoticed as I chewed my dinner? It must have been the stir-fried asparagus.

“Does it hurt, is it tender? asks my husband.

“No, remember I had  a root canal, there are no nerves in that tooth. I feel nothing, just a big hole”

Flash forward to Monday morning: I can get in to see the dentist at 10:00.

The dental assistant leads me back to the chair and announces, “I have your crown. I called the lab and he said he was finishing it up. So we can put the crown on today.”

Relief washes through me as I hear those words. Thirty minutes later I am out the door and on my way home! I hope this is the end of my dental issues for quite some time.

New Camera

Several weeks ago I decided I needed (wanted) a new camera. The old one still works just fine. The pictures are clear (as long as the photographer doesn’t move). But it has a pathetic zoom feature. So, I want a small camera with a lot of zoom power. I casually mention this to my husband, as I am scanning the Sunday paper ads for cameras.

Before you can blink, my husband is handing me a Consumer Reports magazine with small cameras reviewed. Nothing, and I mean nothing is bought without checking CR (or should I say nothing should be bought, husband’s philosophy). It is not my first instinct to whip out the CR, but I dutifully studied the report. Usually I can’t find the model that is a best buy or one CR recommends. I always wonder where does CR buy their stuff, because it is not on the shelves in our stores.

This Sunday was different! Best Buy actually had one of the recommended models and it was on sale! I hopped into the car and made my way to the camera department of Best Buy (with my CR in hand, of course). Fates were smiling down on me, I actually got a salesperson to talk to me about cameras. John patiently explained  the features of this camera (although I didn’t quite understand everything). Bottom line was: this was the camera he would recommend based on my criteria. Besides, it’s just a great little camera.

Now, I have this camera. I read the manual. Can’t say I understood  it. However, I must learn to operate this like a pro within the next 30 days (great trip coming up . . . stay tuned to Slice of Life in March) . I downloaded several pages to help me learn which button does what. If that doesn’t work, I will be paying John a visit for a tutorial entitled “You recommended it, so how do I make this work?”

As you can clearly see, there are no photos attached to this slice (infer what you will). Maybe next week.

The Day Ahead

What will the day bring? We have freezing rain, sleet, blizzard warning, 50 mph winds all occurring today. Will there still be power by the end of it all? The day stretches long before me. I have lots of “office” work I can do, but I am drawn to the windows. Watching the weather, watching the birds, wondering what will happen. Weather reporters are saying this is the biggest storm in 99 years. I can’t say I wanted to be a part of history in this way.

Life will be good as long as we have power. So I predict there will be fresh cookies in the future on this wintery day. Stay warm and stay safe.