Unexpected Activity for Today

Life has a rhythm and flow to it which allows one to move effortlessly through their days. At least my life does. So when I find myself in an unexpected situation, it makes me take a step back.

The sun is  bright, the air is a bit brisk, and I am almost home (returning from a root canal, that’s another story for another day) when I see a horse. Now, seeing a horse is not so unusual, as we have a field with horses a block away, but this horse is not in the field. She is outside the fence!  I can’t just drive home and leave her to fend for herself (perhaps she will get lost or hit by a car).

I park the car and head to Danny’s. He knows who to contact when we have escaped horses. He looks over the field and says, “That can’t be one of ours, there are seven horses in the field and that’s how many should be there.” As he shrugs, he adds, ” But maybe they got a new horse, I’ll call Stephanie and let her know.” The door closes.

So now I am on my own. I can’t just leave the horse, so I go slowly towards the horse talking quietly and gently (as clearly as I can considering my lips are numb from novocain). The horse allows me to pet her, but what do I do now?

The rest of the herd is at the fence and they are all whinnying to one another. I can only imagine what they are saying. The escapee starts running down the length of the fence (I think she is looking for the way back in). I follow her and try to coax her to come with me (I see a gate). No way that’s happening. She runs in the opposite direction, so I go back after her.

After about 30 minutes a truck pulls up with someone who knows what to do. Unfortunately, the lady says, “That’s not one of our horses. (me thinking: What will I do?) But I will get a halter and put her in the field (sigh of relief from me). Then I will see if I can find the owner.”

I help her get the halter on our unknown escaped horse and she leads her away. I wonder, does the owner even know he is missing a horse?

Chasing down a horse was definitely not on my horizon when I got up this morning. Wonder what  tomorrow will bring?


2 thoughts on “Unexpected Activity for Today

  1. In life there are people who pass things by and those who stop and get involved. You got involved and you may have made the difference for that horse. Life is full of many opportunities, we just have to take them.

  2. Christy says:

    Coming upon a stray horse (especially since you were able to see it through to safety) is definitely the kind of adventure I would love to have interrupt the flow of my days (though, maybe not right after a root canal). What a fun slice!

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