SOL: Help Arrived

Repairing a crack in drywall is a monumental task when you are not in the construction business. However, thanks to Google and You Tube my husband felt ready to accept the challenge. It consumed the week, but by Sunday afternoon the job was finished (the wall looks great!) and the final clean-up was in process. That’s when disaster struck.

“I’m sorry,” said my husband as he is holding a mass of speaker wires not attached to the stero unit.  “I bumped them with the vaccuum and they came off.”  This is not the sight I want to see. I am imagining the frustration in my future as I try to solve the puzzle of reconnecting the wires to the unit. This task falls to me as he has no patience with mechanical or technical jobs. I pick up the handful of wires and look at the back of the stereo trying to remember not only where they attach but also how they attach. The last time I did this, each wire was carefully labeled and marked on the unit so I could match them up. But that was several years ago, no memories are flooding back. Sooooo, what to do?

The doorbell rings, it is our neighbor, Dave, who has come to help move a heavy piece of furniture back into place. As he comes in, I know my problem can be solved with a little help from my neighbor, because Dave loves to tinker with little challenges. When I mention my problem, Dave immediately plops down on the floor and starts to assess the situation. After twenty minutes of trial and error, Trans Siberian Orchestra (CD left in the player) is thundering through the speakers in various locations in the house. Joy and relief! Thank goodness for neighbors who are there for you in all situations.


5 thoughts on “SOL: Help Arrived

  1. Tiff says:

    So many tangles, so little time. Feels like Writer’s Workshop. I feel your frustration at times looking at all the tangles with only one of me. This week, Peer Conferencing has protected my sanity! You said it best, “Joy and relief! Thank goodness for neighbors who are there for you in all situations.”

  2. mag says:

    I’m so inept with the wires in all our equipment I’ve gone without watching TV or listening because I got so frustrated turning on or off the right thingamagig!

  3. My husband is good with wires but that’s about it. Jump to me drilling holes for a curtain rod. drill, drill…oooops drill, drill….oooops I could really use a Dave.

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