First World Problems Continue

Previously I wrote about a few issues that are considered first world problems. I share a few more today.

Ouch! Sharp stabbing pain pierces my back. I reach behind me, readjust the pillow, lean back, and ouch! again stabbing pain. Repeat previous procedure several more times. Thoroughly frustrated I pull the offending pillow out from behind me. I begin the search for that minuscule needle sharp feather. Aha! I found you! The offending feather is plucked from the pillow. The rest of the feathers get a fluffing before the pillow is positioned behind my back. I am concerned that by removing the errant feather, I will eventually have no feathers inside. I have tried poking the feather back, (while most of it is inside the pillow) but it just doesn’t work.

Half off all jeans the sign proclaimed. Good, I need a new pair, so the purchase is made. They are a darker blue than I’ve had before, so they are washed before wearning. I wear the new pair, love the new pair! What’s that? My light colored leather seat is turning blue. I return to the store with my tale of blue leather that is not supposed to be blue. Soak them in salt water the manager of the store advises me. Jeans are soaked in salt water for twenty-four hours. The leather is still turning blue. Sadly the jeans are returned. Now I have a black pair of jeans. I wonder, will my leather turn black?

We have two cars, one is keyless. Keyless is a lovely feature because you don’t have to get a key out to open doors or even start the car. You just need to be near the car and the doors unlock automatically. The problem arises when you have been driving the keyless car, those features become automatic actions. So why is the door not unlocking? Oh, that’s right, this car uses a key. I search through my purse to find the key so that I can get in. How annoying!

Once inside (whatever car) there is the issue of syncing your phone to the bluetooth system. I always forget until someone calls while I am driving and I discover that my phone is not the current phone on the bluetooth system. Why can’t the car manufacturers figure out how to make the system recognize the phone that is in the car?

So what first world problems have you had to deal with lately? By the way, my chair has been sinking as I’ve been typing.

Finding the Celebration

Each Saturday, Ruth asks us to take a moment to stop and reflect on the week. What do I have to celebrate? I begin the day thinking I have nothing to celebrate this week. I’m not going to post this Saturday. Then I read celebrations and my mind starts to spin. Yes, there are celebrations I can share from my week.

1. A walk around the yard leads to discovering the new growth that was not there a week ago. Hostas have sprouted, the hydrangea is breaking through, and the peach tree now has baby leaves. I know the blossoms will soon follow.


My asparagus! There are thirteen shoots , more pop through every day. Maybe next year we will have enough to eat.

My asparagus! There are thirteen shoots , more pop through every day. Maybe next year we will have enough to eat.


2. Time to spend creating a gift for a friend.

Used an idea from Pinterest to create this necklace.

Used an idea from Pinterest to create this necklace.

3. A friendly face who wants me to step outside.

Someone is tapping on the window.

Someone is tapping on the window.

4. Sunshine and warm temperatures to allow me to sit on the patio to read and capture pictures of friends who sing to me.

The birds sing loud and strong, echoing through the yards.

The birds sing loud and strong, echoing through the yards.

5. On Wednesday, my husband uttered some of my favorite words, “Do you want to go get pizza and a salad?”

Just when I think there is nothing to celebrate, I discover I was mistaken. There are so many moments to celebrate, I just need to look.


How to Create a Sunroom

The sun shines brightly, but the air bites me when I step outside. My inner cat seeks the spot of sunshine to savor to warmth.

If only I could step out onto the patio in a glass encased room. I imagine the rays of sun captured by the glass, warming me through to my bones as I sit and read. But there is no such room at my house. Sigh . . . Perhaps I can simulate this room that I desire.

I assess my needs, they are few:

  • comfortable seating
  • glass surrounding me on all sides
  • glass above my head
  • sunshine

There is full sun on the driveway. Check. My car has a sunroof, sun above. Check. Glass on all sides, windows all around. Check. Leather seats that recline, very comfortable. Check. All requirements are met if I back the car out of my garage and sit in the driveway.

The first few moments are a little cool. Quickly the sun gets to work, warming the air and me. Internally, I am purring with delight as I read and soak up the warmth of the sun’s rays. Eventually I have to crack the door open, as it is too warm. Only a few minutes later, I can close the door and resume my basking in the sunshine. Now this is the way to spend an afternoon in my portable sun room.

Celebrating Mother Nature

What can you celebrate? Share your celebrations with the world at Ruth Ayres Writes.

What can you celebrate? Share your celebrations with the world at Ruth Ayres Writes.

This week Mother Nature has been moving back into our world. The sun spent more days shining than hiding. It is amazing what a little warmth can do for plants. Trees are beginning to cast aside their browns and grays for shades of green. Each day the world grows slightly more colorful. It is a season to celebrate the renewal of life!

These images will celebrate for me this week, rather than my words.

Look in the center, do you see the image of a phoenix rising?

Look in the center, do you see the image of a phoenix rising?


013 015 007

The view opposite of the rainbow.

The view opposite of the rainbow.



Happy New Year!

A sigh of relief, I made it through another March challenge. Each year I wonder, will I be able to find something to write about e-v-e-r-y day? How can I find a topic that is new? Is this interesting? Will anyone come to read? How long can I keep doing this?

I looked back over my posts from this month and I discovered a few things. I return to familiar writing territories, such as: food (breakfast, Rueben, Ham Salad, pizza), shopping experiences (books, Sam’s), very trivial things (emails, 1st world problems, my space at conference, scarves). Mostly my format is narrative, but occasionally I create a poem with book titles, inspired by nature, or attempting a rhyme. Most posts contain a picture or two. My camera or phone is a form of a notebook, preserving a moment to put into words.

I’ve been inspired by so many of you and your stories. I never know if I will need a tissue to wipe a tear or pick myself off the floor from laughing. “Writing is data with a soul,” says Brene Brown. How true this is! We have created a lot of data this month.

Thank you for every comment. Your words mean the world to me. Comments are the sweet frosting on top of the cake.

I feel like a year of blogging ends at the end of March. April brings a new year of writing. Every year there are new writers to follow. It’s a new beginning. If I can do thirty-one days, I can do four a month. You can too! So Happy New Year to blogging the slices of our lives. Elsie will continue to write and read. Will you?



At Sam’s

One day I was an early shopper at Sam’s Club. I walked to the usual door, my mind counting the items to pick up and I stopped dead. The door didn’t open. Only then did I notice the exit door had a sign welcoming early shoppers at that door. I trudged to that door, picked up a cart and rolled into the store.

Once inside, I noticed a table with coffee pots. Hmmm, I wondered, if those were for me? I didn’t investigate, but filed that note away in the recesses of my mind (hopefully I will be able to pull it out when I need it).

Still checking on my mental list, I wandered past the book section. They have Divergent and it is pretty cheap, so I added this item to my cart. (After all, I am on summer vacation, it’s time to catch up on some reading. :-) )

My list was complete and I stopped at the first self-check out lane. I swiped my card, it didn’t read it. I swipe slower, it didn’t read it. One more time, with my eyes narrowed, and aggravation building, it decides I am legit and it welcomed me. Ha! Some welcome!

There is a girl patrolling the self-check stands who wandered by my cart. She checked out my items and noted the Divergent book. “Oh you are going to read it before seeing the movie?” she inquired. Before I can respond she continued on, “I did that with the Hunger Games. I didn’t even know there was a book of Divergent.” I am thinking, Really, you didn’t know it was a book first? Do you live under a rock?

Meanwhile during this exchange, all my items are scanned, I slide the credit card and receive a message I’ve never gotten before. You have a chip in your credit card, use the reader under the credit card reader to complete your transaction. What? I always use the same credit card, what’s going on? It also said, Touch help if you need assistance.

I don’t need to ask for assistance, the help is standing right next to me exclaiming she has no idea what this is talking about. I discovered a slot under the card reader and it seemed to work because the receipt  printed.

“Huh, learn something new every day,” the girl announced. I mentally thought, You learned two new things today.




Have you been hearing the term first world problems? When I Googled the term I found this definition:  First World Problems are frustrations and complaints that are only experienced by privileged individuals in wealthy countries. It is typically used as a tongue-in-cheek comedic device to make light of trivial inconveniences.

Lately I have been plagued with first world problems. Today I share a few.

Example 1: “There’s something wrong with the hot water heater again,” my husband tells me. Eventually warm water is flowing from the tap, but we are concerned. The water heater is ten years old, so we are living (or should I say bathing) on borrowed time (according to Consumer Reports).

We call to have someone look at it. It is not the water heater, but the recirculating pump that is not working right. However, after the examination, it seems to be working fine (for a few days). Dare I say we are spoiled, we want hot water within seconds after turning on the tap.

The pump is replaced along with the water heater. We decide to be proactive and not wait for disaster to strike.

Example 2: I take a bite, H-h-h-hot my mouth screams to my brain. My mouth is burned but I don’t realize it until I take a sip of my decaf coffee later that afternoon. It is not a sensation I enjoy. Wish I’d known the meat was heated before it was added to the grilled sandwich, thereby creating a molten hot filling, not just a warmed grilled sensation. Not complaining, just saying.

3. I am working at my desk. All of a sudden my chair sinks a fraction of an inch. Moments later, it sinks another fraction. Slip, slip, slip, slowly I sink lower and lower to the floor. I never know when the sinking will begin. It can go days, no slipping or I can be adjusting the height every fifteen minutes. Perhaps it is telling me I need to go on a diet.

These are minor inconveniences, but they sure are irritating. I guess I’m a victim of first world problems. I continue to discover more and more each day.